Start Here to learn more about my mission for this blog. The mission is to help parents live a beautiful budget friendly life. From finding a way to work from home to tips on saving on those birthday parties (and much more in between!) So…

Pull up a chair, grab a drink and let me tell you a little about moi. My name is Jamie and well, I am a mother of two children, a cat mom, and I’m happily engaged!


You see, my story is all over the place. I was a regular ol’ Jamie, working retail jobs, part time jobs, jobs with no future… I didn’t have much going for myself. I became a mom of two in my mid twenties and soon after my second, I became divorced. So then I became a struggling mom of two. Oh man were those the days (not). I had no money, no good job to support a roof over our heads and I was depressed. I remember staying in one bedroom, my two girls and I, both of our beds basically on the floor. It was hard times but luckily for me, I had family.



The tough times eventually got a little better and I was able to find a way to get a very small two bedroom, one bathroom apartment. I was content after a while and then something amazing happened. I found my now fiance. He literally was my knight in shining ummmm tin foil (because we aren’t that fancy haha!)

My life was wonderful again but it took a lot to get here. You see, in my earlier years, I had to find odd ways to make sure my family had what they needed. At one point I had a toddler needing toddler food and a baby needing formula, both were in diapers and little money. Hellooooo, part time job, remember?  In this whole process I have mastered couponing, oh yes, I was an extreme couponer. Don’t worry, I followed all of the legal and store policy rules. I gained a stockpile or two, I fed my family decently while spending small bits of cash in the grocery store. I found ways to receive free products.


 We still don’t have a lot going on for us but we manage. One huge challenge this past year is that I started my very own business! Like a legit boss lady biz! I started a support and savings page on Facebook and I started my work from home business Pinterest Business Management. That’s right, my business is to help other businesses succeed and gain consumers, how cool!



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I still love my sales, getting things for cheap, stretching that dollar, maybe some freebies… So that’s why I opened up this here blog site. I don’t want to just help business folks, I want to help the common parents out there who want more for their families. Everyone loves to save money! And that is one of my passions too. So check out my tips and tricks, from basic couponing skills, DIY, and legitimate work at home jobs (Yep! So mamas and dads can be home with the kids)!  Wow! Well, with all of that said….  Leeeeeettttttt’s Get On To Saving!



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