How To Make Vegan/Soy – Cheese

The simplest home made soy cheese recipe you will ever find.



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Good morning, afternoon or evening my readers! Today I’m bringing you something dear to my heart, food. And along with that I get to introduce to you all a wonderful chef who loves to please other’s with his talent for cooking. His name is Dakota Mitchell and he has years of experience as a cook in various settings.

Now I may be biased because Dakota is my soon to be husband. But he really loves to come up with his version of different foods, new recipes, and amazing flavors. This is the story of how he came up with home made soy cheese:

He works in a kitchen at a resident home in our town. He has the passion of trying to please whoever he can through foods, because it is a genuine comfort thing to everyone. One day he was making lunches as he found out an elderly woman had wanted macaroni and cheese, but she couldn’t because she was lactose intolerant. So Dakota took on the challenge and he found a way to make soy cheese with only 3 ingredients! From there he would be able to make this lady her own soy mac and cheese. Here is his recipe in his own words.


simple home made soy cheese


Soy Cheese

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Liter Soy milk
  • 1/2 Cup of Water
  • 1 Large Lemon

That’s it! That’s all you’ll need to make enough Soy Cheese for two servings.


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home made soy cheese




  1. Heat the soy milk in a pot until it starts to gently boil.
  2. While that’s heating up squeeze your lemon into the 1/2 cup of water (the juice not the actual lemon haha).
  3. Once your Soy milk is gently boiling pour the lemon juice/water mix into the Soy milk and remove from heat.
  4. Give all that a couple big stirs then let it sit for 15 minutes. Don’t bother it because science is happening!!! I know it’s tempting but seriously, go watch a Youtube video and come back.
  5. Once at least 15 minutes has passed you’ll see curds floating on the top (go ahead and touch it, you’ve earned it for waiting) then go ahead and strain all that into a cheese cloth. WHAT?! YOU DONT HAVE A CHEESE CLOTH?!?! No problem!!! You can use a thin kitchen towel (DO NOT USE A THICK TOWEL!!) or heck, even a coffee filter will do!!!
  6. Once you’ve gotten all that stuff strained let it sit there for 2 hours. WHAT?! 2 HOURS?! Yup, that gives the water enough time to leave the party. Or you can sit there and try to squeeze all the water out (This is what I do because who has time to wait for cheese haha).
  7. Let the cheese chill in your fridge till you need it!! There you go!! Now you have a cheese that anyone can enjoy no matter their allergy!!


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how to make vegan healthy cheese



That’s all??? Yep, it is as simple as that. Alright I hope this helps someone out there, be sure to leave a comment and let me (us) know how it turns out! We are always open to suggestions. Also if you have any suggestions for Dakota (recipe wise) be sure to message him on his Facebook <<< Here. It may show he is never online but trust me, he gets back to people quickly.

Check out the Soy Macaroni and Cheese Recipe here!




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