Genius Bloggers Tool Kit 2018

Start a blog for beginners



I remember when I first started my blog, I thought it would be so simple! You know, you buy your hosting, choose a fun, and just type your heart out!


But nope, it’s not that simple… at all. If you want people to actually come to your awesome blog and read what you have on there, and even more so if you plan on monetizing your blog to make money, you need traffic!


You also will need to learn how to do a few key things to begin making money from your ads, affiliates, and even your own courses & e-books. Trust me, it gets frustrating and confusing, but I am here to help you know how to create a successful blog!



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Because there is only ONE bundle that you will need to learn everything as a beginner blogger

This is called the Genius Blogger’s Tool Kit. And every October it comes around and has tons, I mean TONS of useful information, e-books, e-courses, things people buy every day! But this one time year event includes many of the big blogger’s courses and they are all bundled together.


I tried everything to make money from my blog but I had lots of learning to do still. Of course I kept coming upon Michelle’s “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing” course – but the price was just too much. I work part time at minimum wage, and I wasn’t making any money from my blog, so I barely had any money to buy courses. I wanted to make sure that if I did invest any money into a course, that it would be well worth it.


*UPDATE* I did make a total of $9 from Amazon and $40 from Adsense. *


But that’s not a living. However, I did follow a lot of the big bloggers such as MommyOnPurpose and StartAMomBlog, and all of a sudden I was receiving their emails about this thing called Genius Bloggers Tool Kit.

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Trust me, you will want to see this list! (It includes prices)

bloggers tool kit



Oh My Gawd, there was so much included and SPOIL ALERT – the bundle was only priced at $97!
Now remember “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing” I mentioned earlier? That course is $197.

And that course was once featured in the bundle at one point. Meaning for the price of LESS than Michelle’s course, you would have bought that AND a ton of other courses.


WAIT! There’s more! I have a great comparison for this year! 😉


Carly from MommyOnPurpose has a  new e-book about affiliate marketing – Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – is $79.00 (which is in this years bundle!)

And the Bloggers Tool Kit is ALWAYS worth twice more than that easily! So for about $100 YOU know you will get a great course about affiliate marketing (strategy included!) and SO MUCH MORE for a great price.

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2018




  • Price: $97 for the bundle
  • Value: 77 products worth $5,867.88; 41 eCourses, 15 eBooks, 9 printable packs & workbooks, 5 templates, 5 stock photo packs, and 2 membership sites


Business Setup 


Community & Support (2 products worth $201.00) memberships

Content Creation 

Design & Branding

  • Photography
  • Stock Photos

Getting Started with Blogging

List Growth 

  • Email Growth & Marketing


Affiliate Marketing


Product Creation – how to make an e-book



  • Planning & Recordkeeping
  • Time Management

Social Media 

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

Tech Help – WordPress


Again – Click Here To Sign Up For Genius Bloggers Tool Kit When It Goes Live!

Trust me – Don’t miss out on this bundle!

Genius bloggers tool kit