Five Nights at Freddy’s Birthday Party

Can you survive Five Night’s At Freddy’s? Or at least a birthday party with crazy kids?

I honestly can’t believe how fast kids grow! My sweet girl turned 6 years old this past October. Yes, in October… I know, I know, I’m a little late on this but my blog is only a month old after all 😉

Just like every other parent out there, I tend to throw themed birthday parties for my kids. So every year Lilly {6} and Allyson {4} get to pick a theme they want annnnd mom goes crazy with decorating, baking the cakes, tossing out e-vites, coordinating fun things for all the kids and what-nots! (Me, being the crazy mom) haha.

This year was the year of video games. Oh how we have watched many Youtuber’s make videos about games such as Hello Neighbor, Roblox, and of course, Five Nights at Freddy’s. And out of Princesses, Unicorns and Mermaids my little gal decides she wants a FNAF Birthday. What in the world? I didn’t know anything about this game, all I knew was there were a few songs (kinda creepy if you ask me) and the kids loved singing to them (not as creepy as those family fingers songs). And that this Animatronic creature was scaring people who came into his old pizza restaurant place… But you know what this mama did!

I said, “Challenge Accepted!”

And off to Pinterest I went to get some ideas!

These were some pictures I pulled from Pinterest and had them saved in a board for my kid’s b-day ideas.
(note: these are no my own pictures, these are from other folks who posted them. I couldn’t find the original posters)





Also: I would like to say that I like to throw big theme birthday parties, but I am still frugal friendly. Meaning I look for ideas then I go get some supplies at a good decent (cheap) price. With that said, I’m going to leave my list of goodies next, then show you the final results! Ooooh Fun!

First, I made a list of the colors I wanted to incorporate into the party. The colors I chose were: brown, red, and black.
I went to Walmart and bought some $1 streamers of these colors, table cover and red plastic cutlery.

Second, I needed a cake. My daughter actually picked out this type of cake.

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And when I read the pin description I was in “EEEK!”
“The FNAF cake I wanted was quoted at $200! So Walmart made this one for $22 and I made the cupcakes.” Was the pin description on Pinterest, even then I didn’t want to pay $22 on a cake, so I did the cake for about $14 ($10 was the price of the toys!) and of course, $1 cake mix and $1 frosting and I already had food coloring at home from previous parties. 🙂




Okay, okay so my cupcakes weren’t quite AS pink, but they did still come out looking like Chica’s cupcakes, so I’m proud of me! And that’s all that really matters to our kids, is that we gave it our best shot for their big day.  :’)

Third, Let’s talk about MORE DECOR!!!















  • This was a requested item from Lilly lol. So I had to get this Freddy FrazBear Elevator Door Cover for $8.99. I placed this right front and center on the wall by the presents table.







  • This 4 pack of mini toys of the gang was the most expensive part of the party at $9.57! (GREAT PRICE!) Lilly’s favorite member is named SpringTrap and he is the yellow creepy bunny (insert mom eye roll here) so I had to get this particular one. There’s different  4 packs out there so you can also find your child’s favorites. Also what was a little neat trick was the back cardboard part of the box looks like a stage {where the Animatronic’s sing {like chucky cheese}} and I carefully took the stage out and placed it behind the main cake I made. Then I used chocolate frosting as you can see and it really looked like they were on stage! Proud little moment for myself haha.



  • And this little plush of Freddy was Lilly’s Birthday Gift from us. I spent $9.99 and it was money well spent as she literally carries this everywhere.

And there you have it! A girl’s birthday party of Five Nights at Freddy’s for UNDER $50.00!

Wooooo!!! Now let’s see that happy face on the birthday girl.



Happy Birthday Lillyan May! And a big Thanks to all of my readers!

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