Work from home as a Social Media Manager

Let’s learn how to work from home as a Social Media Manager:                                                                                                        

So you’re thinking of working for yourself, yeah? Leave that dreadful 9-5  job, call your own shots, work from home in your yoga pants in bed or even… WHERE EVER you want because, you can!

social media manager work from home



But where in the world do you start???


It’s okay, I’ve got you! In this post you will learn:

1-What a Social Media Manager is.
2-What they do.
3-What you need to learn to become one.
4-How much they get paid.



 What is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager basically takes over a client’s social platform and works on getting clicks, engagements from followers, interaction with the followers, creates posts, and reads analytics such as how well the engagement is rising each month


 What do they do? 

– Like it says above, a SMM takes over a client’s social platform. So you find a client who needs help managing their (example) pinterest, you quote them a budget, they pay you, and you get in their pinterest and manage it. You should learn how to create catchy images, learn how to manually and automatically schedule ahead postings, engage the audience to make them want to visit whatever site it is, learn what a pixel is, and ehhh, some more. All the many platforms you can choose to manage are:

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Blog


Now notice that I said “choose” up above ^ . Yep, since you will be working for yourself, don’t choose something you don’t like. Only offer services for the platforms you do like. It makes life so much easier. For example, I can’t stand Twitter, I don’t have one, can’t understand it, and I wouldn’t offer it to my clients.


Things to learn:


  • Create images (I use Canva. It’s free and so easy to use, save, download, and upload.)
  • Pixel (This in on a Facebook business page. Read on into the Resources to learn exactly how to use this.)
  • Analytics (For every social platform, you can read how well your audience is engaging and more.)
  • How to manually post on FB and Pinterest, etc. And how to use a scheduling tool to help you schedule more automatically.)
  • Figure out your pay rate.
  • Where to find client’s. Spoiler alert – Lots come from “By word of mouth”


Canva: For a fun example, canva provides templates. But you can use the template and create something completely different! Cool!



How much can I make as a SMM?

The pay is really how much you decide you want to charge. Some SMM’s go as low as $100 for a few social services while others charge a package deal of $650. There is an excellent formula on how much you can make in the free download I’m giving you today.

-There are two ways on how you can give your rates.
1.) By the hour. Where you will use a online tool such as Hootsuite to track your time for a project.
2.) By a Monthly Fee. Where you decide to give full attention to a platform (say Facebook managing) for a one time payment of $300. Renewing every month.

Tip: Always get 50% or 100% of the payment first before doing any work. No pay, no work.

But to get back at this topic, you personally must decide how much you want to charge, are you new or experienced? Are you offering one service or many services? Some SMM’s have started with a low payment and worked their way up  as they gained more experience. (Resources are coming!)


SMM free tools



Yup, you can use 100% FREE tools! These tools are out there on the internet and with these (and youtube videos to show me how some worked) I then had the knowledge of how to help a client with their social media. 


Let’s Be Friends:


Honestly, the best resource I can give you is called Social Media United with Rachel Pedersen. She is a talented online strategist that had quickly turned her side hustle into a huge growing company. She helps with teaching everything you need to know from creating graphics, getting an internship, learning about Pixel and what it does, how to use all of social media platforms and how to find clients!

Her Facebook group and Social Media United monthly fee is $49 a month. It is well worth the money for the amount of information you can receive.
You can chat with experienced SMM’s, newbies, Rachel herself in the FB group, she constantly adds new information to her courses weekly.
AND GUESS WHAT??? She’s allowing you to join right now for only a DOLLA!

Rachel’s Website (SMU)
Rachel’s Youtube



So there you have it! A little about how you can start your new biz as a Social Media Manager and make a profit asap.
Want to learn more? Go check out my Facebook  you can message me there for questions or comments.
Check out my Pinterest as there is more valuable info there as well.

Don’t forget! I created this FREE list of FREE tools just for YOU!   Get It Here!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have…


magical savings

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