Why SiteGround is the go to for your website host!

In this post, I want to discuss how amazing SiteGround is as a host for your website.


Let me tell you, as a very new blogger wanna-be I was so lost at what I needed to do first. I’m sure a lot of bloggers started out that way and all I knew what needed to be done was to get a website up and running. But HOW?!

Like many other’s before me, I joined a ton of groups on Facebook hoping to get some perspective on what to do. After some researched I realized I needed to not only get a website, but something called a “host” as well. A host is a server that stores your website so it can be accessed on the internet. Well… time to get searching!

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Remember those Facebook groups I mentioned just a second ago? Yeah, well let’s just say I belong to two amazing groups that I fully trust, opinions and all. So after much research I decided to go ahead with SiteGround. There were a few major factors into this decision:

                                                                                                                   ^ Look at those raves. ^

I knew I wanted a WordPress {.org – not – .com} for my blog and SiteGround literally has a one click step that gets it all set up for you!



These steps were so dang easy, it’s mom brain proof! But WAIT! That’s not all folks! (hehe)

Let’s Be Friends:


Let’s talk about REVIEWS! Okay, so if you’re anything like me, you research, research, research until you finally decide what your decision is. The reviews about SiteGround were out of this world. You guys (and gals)… two things stood out to me in every single review. 1.) Their customer support is fantastic & 2.) Everyone else says it’s super easy to use. Oh and a bonus is that no one has had SiteGround really go down on them, such as your blog will always be up and visible for all to see.






My review so far, because remember I’m super new to this, is that if given the chance… I would give 5 golden stars. I just have this great feeling in my gut that I have made the best decision ever for my website host. I know that it will never go down (ok hardly ever), and that I can always upgrade to another plan easy peasy. And don’t worry, if you chose a different host and now you’re thinking, “Dang it! I want SiteGround now…” Have no fear! SiteGround will happily help you switch everything over from one host to theirs! Did I mention for… Freeee??? WHOA!!!




And also, now that YOU are my new best bloggin’ friend, you can get Siteground for the low price of $3.95/month! If I can afford this price, You can too! I think it’s a steal! Just click below to lock in this amazing price for the bestest host ever.

                                                        Web Hosting





Alrightyyyyy, I hope I could convince one of you like I have for myself about how cool and dandy SiteGround is.


UPDATE: It’s been near a month and yep, so far no troubles with SG at all. Let me know in the comments below if you would like a step by step on how to set up SG and WordPress (remember that 1* click set up?)

  Yes Jamie! I would love to check them out! (psssst, this link will take you to SG)

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