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Story Time: and if you aren’t interested in reading my story – go ahead and scroll past to check out the legit ways to work from home. I won’t be offended 🙂


Growing up, I’ve always known I wanted to be a mother, and not just a mother but a stay at home one. I always thought I’d be married to a successful (financially) man and have babies, maybe some pets and be able to enjoy the SAHM role.

But Life Doesn’t Always Go According To Plan

I did get married, and I was constantly told I’d always have to work and bring in money, so I worked odd end customer service jobs. Crappy hours, crappy pay, and crappy managers. No matter how close I got to “moving up” there was always a reason why I couldn’t.

I had my wonderful daughters but ended up getting divorced. So for some time I was now a single mom of two, with no real career (barely a real job) and absolutely nothing because when I left to live with my (hero) Mom, I had left with only the girls and essentials (like my work shirt).  🙁


I Tried College, Twice!

And both times I failed! I dropped out of medical school and in a very harsh way realized school just wasn’t my cup of tea. I loved the learning but the memorizing and tests just weren’t for me. It took me a long time to realize that this was okay…. ok I’m still trying to tell myself it’s ok!


So – Back To A Part Time Job I Went – Working For Someone Else

Life has gotten better though. I met my now Fiancee who is a wonderful step parent to the girls. The girls are now in school full time. And even though I have a job that is very flexible (and not horrible management) I STILL long to be a stay at home mom.


So if I don’t completely hate my job and it’s flexible, why do I still crave the at home life? Because Dahling – I want my own freedom! I want to be able to create my own hours, so if I or the kids are sick I can work when it works for us, for my family. No worries about calling into a work place and hope I don’t get a “talking to”. Because I want to be able to take my family on vacations and not worry about paid time off (or not), the flexibility of when my kids school has a program I KNOW I can make it to support my girls. And because, I know that my hard work from home can and will have the opportunity to eventually make more money than any job here (even with those .50 cent raises annually). 😉


Are You Ready To Take That Plunge As Well?

Great! Because I’m still working on my happy ending in the career choice I chose, and I know with whatever one you choose, you will be a happier YOU!

“Life isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon.”

Here are the best work from home jobs that have great potential as long as you put in the learning and work. 🙂



#1   Proofreading

If you are constantly finding mistakes with other’s grammar via emails or even texts, then this job will come natural to you. But for real, all you really need to know is the use of grammar and the English Language. This affordable course teaches you exactly how and where to start! There’s even a FREE workshop you can be a part of to see if this would be something for you.

I know several ladies who swear by this and make great money with their own chosen hours.


#2  Transcribing

Sign up for this FREE seven day email series to get a glimpse into this career to see if it’s right for you.



#3  Re-Sell Items on Amazon

Jessica from The Selling Family makes an amazing income by buying cheap(er) items with potential and re-sells them on Amazon for more profit. You can check out her ways here to get started. Let’s be honest, you get to shop and buy products and make money off of it. This is right up my ally!



#4  Sell a Product That You Love

For example: if you enjoy Essential Oils then get some like these and grab this affordable bundle that has over 400 recipes! You can make mixtures, scrubs, soaps, etc & Then start selling to friends and family to get those great reviews and begin selling all over – maybe open up your own Etsy shop!  =D



#5  Virtual Assistant 

A Virtual Assistant has so many different roles and the best part is you get to choose what you offer to clients and you can choose your own prices! Imagine working for high paying clients such as Realtors – you can help them keep paper work virtually together, or even work as a freelance writer for Bloggers. I even know of a woman who proofreads and edits an Author’s romance novels! How cool is that?! Learn more in detail on How to become a Virtual Assistant Here >



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