My Manual Pinning Strategy

Let’s talk about: Manual Pinning on Pinterest!


Why do people want to learn about pinning on Pinterest? When most people get on Pinterest, they find pins that they like and just pin them to the boards they created, such as camping tricks and hacks into a board called “Camping”. It’s so simple, so why does there need to be a strategy? I will answer those two questions in a minute, but first…

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If you are wanting to create a side hustle for yourself such as becoming a Social Media Manager for some extra income or even a career change…
a lot of the time a website is an amazing thing to have. Why? Because even if you’re selling items on Etsy, it’s nice to have a site that tells your potential clients about who you are, what they can expect from you (like how will you help them?) and feature your amazing talents. Or you know, to simply look more legit like a small business owner. =P


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So again, why do people want to learn about pinning? Because if you didn’t already know this or maybe you do if you’ve researched it, Pinterest is ahhhhhmazing for gaining organic traffic to your website! You make some pretty pins in Canva (free), you place your products URL and you just pin it out into the world! Then people who are exploring on Pinterest will come across your pretty pin and click through to your site, where they find your products (or blog post).

pinterest strategies

Now to answer the second question, why does there need to be a strategy? Because you can’t just aimlessly put your pin out there and hope for the best. You need to have a strategy, after all this is your business, and businesses need strategies to be successful 🙂

Is it hard? Heck no. It’s still very easy to do. But here’s the thing… There’s tools out there to help you schedule pins to group boards, personal boards, read analytics, etc… one of them is Tailwind. I have used Tailwind and I actually paid a years worth….

BREATH … a years worth to schedule via Tailwind. Can I say “Mistake”???

Because it is. It was helpful if you aren’t going to be on Pinterest for like a month straight but truthfully I am always on Pinterest and it is so easy to just do it manually. So about this strategy eh? Lemme tell you, it works. Easy as that to say, it. works.! My traffic to my 4 month old blog is continuously growing because of Pinteresting Strategies.

What is Pinteresting Strategies?

pinteresting strategies

Glad you asked… or even if you didn’t I’ll tell you about it. Getting traffic to your business to get those sales $$$ shouldn’t cost you anything! Maybe a small investment (Like I paid for this book) but nothing extreme like my one year to Tailwind. (I’m seriously not even using it, waste of $100).


Pinteresting Strategies was created by Carly from I came across her page and Facebook group not too long ago and as always, I researched! A lot of the big bloggers out there were using her strategy and it’s working for them! So obviously it can help gain those potential buyers no matter what your biz iz. (haha…biz iz…) … This downloadable book was filled with so much information starting with how to properly set up your Pinterest account to help you get on Pinterest’s good side. That just means that Pinterest will better rank your creations and trust me, you want that. Carly actually started out giving her information away for free but it was SO GOOD like GOLD that many of the (even bigger) bloggers told her to sell the strategy. And she is just so kind hearted that she does sell it but at a very low price (because she ain’t greedy).
pinterest strategies
I’m honestly not a good salesperson, I just like to tell it how it is, and hope to gawsh that I’m helping someone out there, so with that said just head on over to check out all that you will get from Pinteresting Strategies >>>

No paying for a scheduler, knowing what you’re doing to gain real people to your site for real sales, I mean it’s so worth it. I hope it helps you out like it has for me. I wish I had stats and screenshots to physically show you all how well it’s helped me but I kind of suck at keeping track of things. I really do need to go find a blogging schedule and analytics report printables and actually make myself keep track better 😛

Also, one last but BIG note: Carly is actually updating her book. Because Pinterest changed it’s algorithm recently, she has been keeping all of us updated on the changes. If you purchase her book now, her strategies still work AND you will get her updated version for free, for life. I’m super excited to see what she updates and I’m trying to be patient haha.

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I hope this has helped you out and I also hope you…