Summer Schedule for Kids

It’s Officially Summer!

Oh, no more alarms. No more rushing out the door. Sleeping in can happen (although kids don’t get the concept…). And the days have become longer lazy days.

But then there’s no sleeping in. No “me” time to get your stuff done without the kids chirping “Mom” a million times. There are late nights because the sun isn’t down at 8pm anymore (Grrrr Sun!!) and your child is 10x hungrier throughout the day and 10x crankier because their little minds aren’t getting stimulated.

So let’s be honest… keeping some kind of schedule wouldn’t be the worst thing, would it? Nah!!! And here are 3 reasons why:


Summer Schedule for Kids


You get more done! You, your spouse, your kids, even maybe your dog… a schedule is more like a guide to help the family out on what needs to be done at certain times of the day. Like chores… It is so easy to just let a chore go because its summer, hot, and you want to do nothing. But the dishes will load up, getting greasy and gross. The laundry will turn into a pile on a chair (you know its true) and then you’re playing catch up. Which leads to Reason 2 –>



Summer schedule



^^^Get This Summer Schedule & Chores By Clicking On Picture^^^




Summer Schedule for kids




Being less stressed! Raise your hand if you can live with a little less stress in your life?
Yeah I thought so. 😉  Well, having a schedule not only keeps you on track of things, but then you aren’t so worried about when things will get done. Therefore you are automatically less stressed in your daily summer life. Where there’s a more chill parent, there are more chilled kids.

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Summer Schedule for Kids



It’s scientifically proven that kids need a schedule. They thrive in a structured environment. Imagine if they got to eat whenever they wanted, I’m talking 3 snacks around the same time instead of a hearty lunch. What if the kids got to watch more tv than actual play/imagination time. And what if you didn’t get to serve dinner until near 9pm because time just slipped away… Now these aren’t the absolute worse things to happen. Sometimes its fun letting the kids stay up late to watch a movie as a family. Or sometimes its fun to say “Screw it” and have ice cream for dinner on a hot night. But these things would be best to be speratic rather than every day.

 Lets Be Friends:

Summer schedule

I get that families are busy, that there’s always something going on. That’s totally fine. As parents we just try to survive one day at a time.
That us parents would like to be more structured most of the time. So that’s why I made this fun summer printable. (or save-a-ble?)
It’s summer theme with a realistic schedule for the kids, some chores for any age, and fun ideas for activities as a family. I hope your family has a fun couple of months, cherish the time!


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