Top 5 Tips To Getting Found on Upwork

If you’re hopping onto a freelance site such as Upwork or Fiverr – but you seem like you aren’t getting noticed and getting clients, then you aren’t doing it right. I’m sorry to be blunt about that, but as someone who has gone through the failing steps of filling out a great profile and waiting for clients to just randomly find me, I need to help my fellow entrepreneurs out.

These are the most legit ways to get yourself noticed – no matter what site you choose to sell your services on. 

tips to sell products online




1.) Keywords! Be sure that when you are filling out your profile that you use certain keywords so that when a potential client is looking for a specific task, they find you!



2.) Ask for a review and a rating! How many times do you look for those 5 star reviews before you purchase an item online? I know I do like 100% of the time. Same goes for clients who want a quality piece of work back from you. After working with someone, just simply ask for them to give you a rating, then you will be a shining star to those next buyers.


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3.) Do your research as a “potential buyer”. That means log out of your account and start searching for the type of work that YOU are providing – but as a buyer yourself. Figure out what other’s are charging for those services (same as yours), find out what they have in common (maybe a certain keyword that brings their profiles up at the top of the list), and apply the same to your profile.




4.) Connect with the buyer before meeting them! Wait – what? How? Uhh –
Yep, connections really should be number one but hey, whatevs! Listen, get yourself to really stand out from all the rest by thinking outside of the box. An example being, maybe instead of a huge paragraph in your profile explaining how talented and amazing you are at making logos, make a video instead! (Yes, even if you’re camera shy) I bet you would get a sale faster than some others. If you really are against making a video about you and your expertise, then be sure to keep your profile short, to the point, and easy to read.


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5.) Finally, decide what this really is for you! Is this a side hustle or a full time gig? If it’s a full time gig then you NEED to treat this like your business. Be there, reply to messages and questions asap, reach out to the buyers (was someone still “deciding”? check up on them and ask if they have any concerns and you would love to help them out) They would appreciate it and most likely buy from you. Be the amazing boss you came here to be! 🙂


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