Mermaid Plate for picky eaters

10 Must Have Items for your Picky Eater

“My picky eater doesn’t like anything except for McDonalds.”
How many parents can agree with me there? Whether it’s Taco Bell, Burger King, Etc… Kids are difficult to feed especially if they are a picky eater!

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Parent’s, you are not alone! I have two children and one is pretty great at trying new foods, while the other… not so much. It’s frustrating and you have this guilt of “Are they eating enough?!” Now I’ve looked all over the internet and came across other posts on how to use fun items to get a child to eat. And I found a lot of them allow your child to play with their food in hopes it will be “fun to eat” after. That’s good and dandy but I really don’t want my child to focus on playing with her food. It already takes her long enough (yup, like an hour!) to even eat her full dinner.

So I went ahead and created my own list of items to help your picky eater actually eat. These items are not just fun but serve a real purpose and as a parent, I kept in mind some ideas that included health benefits as well! I know the reason my child is a picky eater is because veggies and fruits do not appeal to her at all.

Here we go:

  Robot Plate & Matching Silverware

Fun items to get your picky eater to eat.

This robot plate is a fun idea for any child! And guess what? It’s portion control as well. The deep dish helps your little ones be able to eat independently without (hopefully) a lot of mess. You place proteins in one compartment, veggies and fruits share the middle compartment and another choice of delicious but healthy food in the last compartment.


Mermaid Plate & Matching Silverware

Mermaid Plate for picky eaters

It’s all about the mermaids and unicorns this year! And for your picky princess there is this Mermaid Plate with 3 compartments. It’s exactly the same as the robot above, serving the purpose of portions, deep dish for easy independent eating, and the best thing? No food is touching!
The Unicorn Plate is here.


Train Plate Set with Hidden Compartments

kids train plate for picky eaters

This Awesome Train Plate Set is just too cool not to share! If your child is a little more adventurous (since their food will be hidden) then this is the plate setting that will get their imagination going without playing too much with their food. Maybe after they eat and put it back together they can certainly play with it. It makes a good bribe 😉


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 Sandwich Decruster & Sealer

item to help picky kids eat

This Decruster is a great simple tool when your child doesn’t like the crust. I know this story all too well. I serve a sandwich to my picky eater just to have her whine about it having a crust. So she tears it off or I cut it off (when I have patience ha!) but then theres crumbs, the sandwich is crumbly and coming apart, and even not getting as much sandwich! This way your child will get most of the sandwich and even better, this seals the bread, making it like an uncrustable! Cool!


Fun Sandwich Cutters + Veggie/Fruit Stamps

fun sandwich cutters for picky eaters

Speaking of crustless sandwiches, here is a very fun (and cheap!) box full of fun shapes! Now your picky eater can choose which shape they want that day and the veggie/fruit stamps will make eating fruits fun! No getting bored with this package.



 Kidzinger Infusion Bottle for Kids


Infusion water bottle for kids

Let’s get back to being healthy! This one was tricky for me as I was thinking about, “how can I get these kids to drink more water?” I’ve used Mio before but that’s not the healthiest choice. I wanted to find something flavorful and the healthiest choice out there. Honestly, the healthiest choice is water with real fruits infused in it. So I found this awesome bottle for kids!
KidZinger features:
– Fun colors for boys and girls
– A separate compartment for fruits
– A strainer that keeps all seeds and pulp separated
– A straw for convenience
– Dishwasher safe

So use those fruit stamps and make fun shapes of your child’s preferred fruits for flavor and put them in the bottom, Voila!


  Bus Shaped Metal Plate

fun plate shape for kids

This Bus Shaped Plate is for the families on the go! Yeah sure there are the ever so famous Bentgo boxes but they aren’t a fun shape! 😉
This easy to clean, metal, easy to go plate comes with either a pink or blue lid. Portioned out (non touching) compartments. Can’t you just imagine singling ‘The wheels on the bus’ as your child snacks on their meal? !




Kids Teaching Chopsticks

teaching chopsticks for kids

Aren’t they cute!? What kid wouldn’t want little animal shaped chopsticks to eat their food with? Super easy to use and it will make eating fun without playing around too much.



  Crystal Shaped Popsicle Molds with Drip Guards

Fun shaped popsicle molds for kids

Kids do love ring pops! (Get the set here!) But let’s do this the healthy and more fun way! Summer is coming and kids love cold desserts. I know that parent’s can make their own fun and adventurous recipes for home made popsicles. But I chose to share this set because:
1.) Ring Pop Shapes
2.) Drip Guards
3.) Different shapes
4.) Easy for cleaning (the material)



    You will need this Popsicle Recipe E-Book!

Popsicle Recipes for Picky eater kids

And finally: A fun filled recipe book for Popsicles! This book has it all, recipes for adults, kids, healthy recipes, and more! So have fun with it and let that child(ren) help you make these, because kids love helping in the kitchen and it makes it more satisfying to eat it after. Also a little fun tidbit: The E-book version is free!

Well that’s it for now, let me know in comments if you plan to try any of these items. Thanks for reading and if you haven’t already go check out these other fun posts!


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