More Free Activities That Will Blow Your Kids Away

Another fun filled list of Free activities for parents and kids:


free fun ideas for kids

I just love, love, love finding ways to have fun without spending a dime! Okay, sometimes I’ll end up spending a few dimes, but it is still frugal fun.


And what makes this even better is… kids think these fun filled activities are just amaze-balls! They think we are the best in the world and when I hear those little voices say, “This is the best day ever!” it means they had a great day, had fun with the activity, and my heart flutters.


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So of course, when I think of great ideas then I want to share them with you! Sharing is caring – every parent to siblings. ;D


Let’s be Friends!




  • Let them bake! My kids are addicted to the show “Nailed It!” on Netflix. So you can imagine how excited they get when I let them bake their own cake and decorate it. Kids love helping parents and they love trying new things, my 6 year old loves cracking eggs, who knew?! It’s fun and delicious!


  • Visit all of the parks! Sure, we have our favorite park that we love going to as often as we can. But imagine the fun in visiting a new park every day (weather permitting). In our town we have quite a lot of parks, it’s free and it’s how the kids get their energy out.


  • Let them bathe! My kids are obsessed with water – they love the rain, the pool, the water parks, puddles, sprinklers… the list can go on. So when it’s bath time and I’m in no hurry to go anywhere, I do allow them to play for as long as they want in the bath tub. (Then finally I can wash them and get them out.) I love this because the kids have fun and I can be in the living room working on my blog or watch a show, and it’s a activity the kids can do no matter the weather! Cold? Have a warm bath. Hot? Have a cold bath.


  • Have a paint party! I went to a few thrift stores (on Saturdays – because that’s when the sales are) and snatched up a few cheap picture frames. You can also hit up the Dollar Tree store and find some nice frames there too. I went ahead and painted the frames white and after they dried, I let the kids paint on them with color paints. Not only do they get to have fun but this is a nice personalized way for kids to display their artwork and hang them up in their rooms. Kids are always so proud of their own art.



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  • Vlog! Yep, it’s a thing these days. I tried vlogging and just couldn’t keep up on the editing and posting part. We still try but it’s more for memories. Anyways, the kids are in love with vlogging so I record them with our camera or recently we did room tours where they talked about their rooms. It’s cute! If you’re curious we are RockyMountainFam.


  • Go to the Library! It’s free and air conditioned. 😛  Anyways, if your kids are into books at all, just go, pick out some books and read them there with or to the kids. I don’t like bringing books home because 1.) They end up ripped 2.) Lost in my kids rooms 3.) I forget to return them. So I like to just read the stories there. Plus it keeps us out of the house for a bit.


  • Play board games! Okay, our favorite game is more like a card game, Uno. The kids love beating us adults at this game by making us draw 2 or 4 cards, skipping turns, etc. I can’t wait to teach them to play more games like Sorry!


  • Have a family movie night! Let them get their favorite blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and have them make a little bed in the middle of the living room. Let the kids pick out a movie and pop some pop corn and watch a movie together. If I’m feeling adventurous, I will let them choose a movie closer to their bedtime so they can stay up late. (summer or weekends). Another idea for this is allowing the kids to watch a movie in your (the parents) room. It’s about a new experience even if its so simple, that makes kids excited.


  • Let them build something! Every month, Home Depot has kids workshops, where kids can go in the first Saturday of every month and they can build something new. They get to paint, color, decorate, hammer the nails, everything! Plus – the kids get to take home their creation for free.


  • Visit a pet store or the humane society! Remember to let the kids know you won’t be bringing any creature home (unless you want to), but this is a great way to see animals, talk to your kids about the animals (what do lizards eat? Where do snakes live?) take a dog on a walk at the humane society, this teaches kids about the responsibility and also is fun. (we have cats at our place, so walking a dog would be fun for us).


  • Check out Programs! Such as Kids Bowl Free – where kids can bowl for 2 free games a day. And then there’s Museums On Us – through Bank of America, families can visit a museum for free. Don’t forget to check for Free Days at your local zoo’s, museums, and national parks.

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  • Have a picnic! Speaking of free days at a National Park, take the kids on a picnic up to the parks. Or heck, you can also do a picnic at a regular park or by a river. Let the kids make their own sandwiches, pick their sides like pretzels or chips, a drink and head on out.


  • Easter egg hunt! It doesn’t have to be Easter to have fun finding eggs! Go get some cheap prizes from Dollar Tree (stickers or candy) and hide the eggs around the home, backyard, or a park.


  • Let them put on a show! My girls love JoJo Siwa and they love singing! So they will go dress up in their favorite dresses and ask me to put on some songs on Youtube – and there you have it, I get a full performance of them having a concert.


  • Go to the grocery store! Wait, what??? Why??? Because while you need to go get some groceries, you might as well make it fun for the youngins. Let them pick the basket out, let them get a free cookie from the bakery, let them ride that pony at the front, or if you have extra quarters – they can get stickers or toys from the coin machines. And when you go to check out, get some of those brown paper bags so your kids (or whole family) can make paper hats at home using this Paper Hat Tutorial.


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